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What we Do


RED ROCK MINERALS AND COMMODITIES is a Pakistan based company, we are manufacturers and distributor of Minerals and we also deal in Agriculture Products, Food Ingredients and Industrial Chemicals and Minerals all around the globe.it is focused on undertaking activities in a socially and earth capable way that is reliable with industry best practice and the wellbeing and prosperity of its kin is centre to the functional culture.it is focused on protected and feasible strategic approaches which carry worth to its clients, investors and result in a social profit to nearby networks…

Products And Sigment


Coal,Calcium Carbonate,.Lithium Ore,Mill Scale,Manganese Ore,Limestone,Sodium Bentonite,Calcium Bentonite,Iron Ore (magnetite),Iron Ore (Hematite),Fire Clay,Barite(Paint And Drilling grade)...



Black Salt,White sea salt Flacks ,Iodized salt,Double Fortified Food Salt,Fleur de Sel Pyramid Crystals,Halite Crystals Salt For Sole Drinks ,Halite pink Rock Salt Crystals,Edible Himalayan Pink salt ,Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse Grain(2mm to 5mm),Himalayan Salt Chunks 60-90Grams,Himalayan salt olive salt rocks ,Pink Salt Lumps (1/5 kg to 10kg) ,Pink Iodine Salt Danedar,Pink Double Refine Salt (0.1mm to 0.3mm),Himiliyan Pink Salt Flakes(1mm to 3mm),Dyes grade of salt,Floosy salt,Oil drilling grade,Oil refinery grade,Road De-Icing/Snow Melting Salt,Salt tablet For water Soften ,Sheep Casing gra de ,Soap Detergent and Glycerin,Textile Dying Grade salt,Water Soften Grade Salt

Paint and Coatings Raw Material


RAW MATERIAL FOR DRYER MFG Cobalt Hydroxide –China Litharge (Lead Oxide Yellow) Zirconium Basic Carbonate – China 2-Ethyl Hexonic Acid – Europe GLYCOLS /GLYCOL ETHERS Di-ethylene Glycol (DEG) Mon ethylene Glycol- (MEG) Butyl Glycol – Europe Butyl Glycol Acetate –  Ethyl Glycol – Europe Ethyl Glycol Acetate –  THICKENERS/RHEOLOGY ADDITIVES…


Horica Food Supply


Allumunium Foil American Ganelen Bamboo Skewers 64 Anchovies Fish Bamboo Skewers Basmati Rice Basmati Rice Chinese Basmati Rice Ponia Best Food Mayo Best Foods Mayo Black Olives Sliced 3kg Black Paper Black Paper Black Pepper Powder Breadcrumbs 1kg Brown Bag - F3 Size Brown Paper Bags 5kg Brown Sugar Brown…


Industrial Chemical

POLYURETHANE Polyether Polyol mw 3000 (China) TDI (Iran, China) MDI/PMDI (Iran, China) Additives (color paste, silicon etc.) (India, China)   PETROCHEMICALS/SOLVENTS Toluene Xylene VAM White Oil   MINERALS Barium Sulphate Calcium Carbonate Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Anti-Quartz sand Anthracite Sand Talc  POLYMERS   PP & PE Resins Additives (Master batches, Calcium